Yahoo Privacy Agreement

If you use apps, websites or other third-party products embedded in our services, they may collect information about your activities subject to their own privacy policies and conditions. This privacy policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Yahoo does not own or control, or to persons that Yahoo does not employ or manage. In addition, some companies Yahoo has acquired have their own privacy policies. For more information, visit the affiliate page. At Verizon Media. The information may also be shared within Verizon Media, including with other Verizon media services and associated companies. Verizon Media partners can use the information in a way that is consistent with their privacy policies. Yahoo takes your privacy seriously. Please read this to learn more about our privacy policy. A: Yahoo users are able to set up their privacy settings.

Your opt-out settings for ads are also distributed and taken into account through Oath display systems. We recommend that users use these opportunities to optimize their experience. However, if you prefer that Yahoo does not share personal data with Oath and/or the Verizon family, you will find instructions to delete your Yahoo account here. None of this is necessarily unexpected behavior for a large technology company in 2018, and our collective expectation of privacy could be smaller than ever today. But in a post-Cambridge Analytica world, think twice before pressing this “OK” button. Oath, verizon`s media division, which operates both AOL and Yahoo, is finally unifying the data protection policy of its two old internet brands. This means an updated set of privacy policies and policies for hundreds of millions of users. And in an online world where privacy expectations have been radically overhauled by Facebook in the face of the chaos of Cambridge Analytica, it`s more important than ever to read the fine print on these splash screens. Your privacy is important to Yahoo, Oath and Verizon. The way Yahoo processes your personal data and personal data that we pass on to third parties outside the Oath/Verizon family has not changed.

The terms of use and Yahoo EMEA privacy policy below continue to apply if you are on a Yahoo website, using a Yahoo app or interacting with our products, services or technologies. When we logged into a Yahoo-Mail account on Friday, we were greeted by the privacy policy you see below (Jason Kint had previously referred to the directive on Twitter). In this document, Oath finds that he has the right to read your emails, instant messages, messages, photos, and even look at your messages. And it could also share that data with parent company Verizon. In the “Themes” section, you`ll find detailed information on specific topics such as cookies and IP addresses. In the “Products” section, you`ll find additional instructions on our privacy practices for certain products or services. We allow other companies that display ads on our websites or apps to collect information from your browser or devices. The use of cookies and other data collection technologies by other companies is subject to their own privacy policies, not to them. Like many companies, we can allow cookies to be matched with selected partners.