How To Make Trade Agreements In Rome 2

If you ever have a question, “Am I really more trading?”, then before making trade deals with a few nations, stop and save your game. Make your trade rights contracts, then watch the “Trade” column on the financial screen. Then go back to your previously recorded game and do everything else exactly as you did to the point where you entered into your trade agreements. Then go up your financial screen and look at your “Trade” column. As long as everything else was the same (you repeated your movements accurately, with the exception of Trade Deals), you`ll notice a difference. If you don`t have trade rights with Greek cities, you`re not going to trade them by sea and don`t get taxed commercial income, which are probably a few hundred dinarii. If you did not have the trade rights with the British, you would not lose anything, because you do not act with them. Thus, it is only necessary to obtain commercial rights with close fractions The next tab displays commercial details. If you have a trade agreement with another country, you can see here a list of resources imported and exported with their prices.

Imports of construction resources are very important in the later stages of the game, when the larger structures available do not need easily accessible resources such as marble for example. The Empire`s income comes from a variety of sources. The most important taxes are applied to the entire population and just behind them you have the trade. The income from slavery depends heavily on the amount of slaves you have enslaved during your conquests (it is a simple multiplier of basic income in the provinces). In addition, you can get an annual tribute to the conquered nations and rewards for the conclusion of the mission that was ordered by the Senate. If their ports are close enough, they act. If the colonies are next to each other, they act by the market. The answer is simple, you have to have a link that goes all the way from your own capital to the other faction, if (for example) your capital is on an island and you have another area on the mainland next to the other faction, it is NOT connected unless the two areas have ports to connect them. For this reason, you are not able to establish exchanges, even if you have an area next to the other groups, there is no link for them to reach your capital, which will probably be on a lack of ports. Animal men, greenskin and chaos warriors cannot act. If, for example, you invaded Greece and Macadonia, why would you trade with them? If you have started negotiating with them, they will also reap the benefits of cash flow that comes in, but if you have had some provinces with open ports and trades with a rich nation like Egypt, you could continue a big income from the business tax without supporting your enemy in the same end.